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You have said, “Seek my face.” My heart says to you, “Your face, Lord, Do I Seek.” (Psalm 27:8)

God is the source of life. From the beginning of time, God spoke the world into existence and breathed life into humanity. God created and has sustained the creation always. Every breathe that we take, every moment that we are alive is a testimony to the sustaining power of God. God is the only non-created being. Everything else that exists or has ever existed is created, finite, and owes its very life to God. God stands above all, as the only divine one who has ever existed. And we, who are finite created beings, owe all that we have to the sustaining power of God.

God is the rock in the center of our lives. When everything else is changing rapidly, God remains the one unmovable stone. When stress is mounting and life seems frayed at the edges, God remains unchanged. When it feels like we are sinking under the weight of the burdens we carry, God remains the firm ground allowing us to find our footing. We may stray and wonder, but God will always remain firm.

God knows this. God knows that God alone is unchanging and unmovable. God knows that we, as finite beings, often find ourselves tossed to and fro by the wind and waves on the sea, lost under the avalanche of mounting pressures, blinded by the fog of despair. And so God begs for us to find our security and safety in God. God comes to us and pleads, “seek my face.” Not because God is in desperate need of attention or is somehow insecure. But instead because God knows that our tendency is to waver and fall away. Our tendency is to give up hope. God knows that life can be difficult for us and so God reminds us to seek God’s face because in God alone is life and safety.

And we know this. We, who struggle through the stress and pressure of life, who are constantly searching for a way to hold on, we know that God is the one unmovable. We know that God alone stands secure. That when everything else in our lives is falling apart, God is the only one that can be counted on to never move, to never change, to always remain strong.

So why do we run? Why, when life gets difficult do we spend so much energy trying to figure out a way to solve the problem on our own? When bills begin to mount, why do we spend countless nights without sleep as if the answer to our financial problems will be found at 2:00 in the morning? When the news comes in that there is cancer, why do let the pressure keep us from living life? When our children are making poor decisions, why do we punish ourselves thinking that if we just try harder we can find the magic pill to help them survive? But more importantly, why do we run from God? Why do we shelter ourselves from our church family? Why do we question whether God is there? Why do we give up on faith? When our first response, our most appropriate response, should be to seek the face of God.

Instead, as we hear the voice of God graciously say, “seek my face,” like the Psalmist our response should be, “Your face Lord, do I seek.” I don’t know how the problems will get solved. I don’t know how the bills will get paid. I don’t know whether I have three months, three years, or thirty years to live. I don’t know how my children will make better decisions. But when life is falling apart I need a constant in my life, I need an unmovable rock, and yes Lord, I seek your face. I trust that you have all things under control. I trust that you will provide the answer to all of my struggles. I trust that through visions, promptings, or circumstances, you will lead me to the correct action for me to take to help bring resolution, peace, or comfort. But mostly Lord, I know that without you there is no meaning and purpose in life. But in you, I can face whatever comes today because I know that nothing will ever move you. I seek your face above all. Hold me in the shelter of your wings and lead me on the path I must take. For you alone are God.