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It seems like most decisions in life boil down to one very important question, whose story will you believe.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.  During that time God created humanity, male and female in the image of God, and placed them in the Garden of Eden to have dominion over the Earth and to subdue it.  As creatures who possessed the imago dei (the image of God) within them humans had a role that was much greater than all of the other creatures, they were God’s representatives on earth. In the Garden, humans were given only one stipulation, they could eat from any tree in the Garden except the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  That’s it, one command.  As long as they didn’t eat from that tree they could live in the Garden forever and enjoy life the way God had designed it to be.  However, the serpent came and offered them a different story, a different way to conduct life.  If they would eat from the tree they would actually become like God.  They could become the lords of their life, the rulers of their own domain.  At this point the man and woman had a choice, they could believe God and trust his design for life and follow him, or they could believe the serpent and become their own gods.  It was a choice of which story to believe, which plot line to follow, God’s or Satan’s.  Sadly, they chose Satan’s lie and sin destroyed not only their lives but every life that has followed.

It’s really no different with us, every decision we make, every temptation before us, when boiled down to its core is a very simple question, whose story will we believe?  Will we follow God’s plan for our lives?  Will we allow him to be Lord and call the shots?  Or will we chase after other dreams, making ourselves lord and bowing to the all mighty “Me”?  Whose story will we believe.

It’s interesting, we spend so much energy trying to come up with excuses of why we sin, of why we fall to the same temptations over and over again.  We talk about how Satan is crafty and is developing elaborate ways to fool us and trick us into sin.  We devise seminars and make grand theological treatises to try and explain what is happening.  And yet the truth of the matter is every temptation is a simple choice, who will we believe?  Are we willing to trust God and let him write out the story line for our lives or do we want to be the author and lord of our lives?  Will we place God on the throne of our lives or will we place “Me” on the throne of our lives?  It’s really a very simple question, who will we believe?

So the next time you, or I, are faced with a temptation we need to ask ourselves, which story will we believe?  I hope it’s God’s.